Adventure Flights

Lake Bafa Nature Park with E-bike

Fly by Mt. Latmos & land close to the ruins of Heraklia. Explore the playground of Pinocchio around the magical rock formations. Bike on the 3rd century BCE endless stone trade roads, constructed all the way up the slopes of Mount Latmos. Experience the true beauty and character of this rural area around the nature park, far away from the hustle-bustle of modern life.

Hiking to Mt. Latmus

Take a breathtaking flight to Mt. Latmos. Explore by foot the Besparmak Mountains that are peppered with monasteries dating back to the Byzantine era. Visit Kerdemlik caves paintings dating back to 6000-5500 BCE. From there, descend towards the old city of Heracleia. On the way, we visit the necropolis, acropolis, and the hermits' caves known as Christ Soter & Pantocrator. Return from the slopes to the village, where 700 A.D exudes.

Hot Air Balloon over Pamukkale

Land close to Pamukkale Travertine & Hierapolis and then board a hot air balloon to slowly fly over the white travertine pools of Pamukkale and the ancient, ruined city of Hierapolis. Experience Cleopatra Antique Pools, which was a gift from Mark Antony to Cleopatra.

Etrim E-bike

Explore Garova, an introduction to authentic nomadic culture of Anatolian life, where locals still hold traditional occupations based on farming and handmade carpet/kilim weaving. An e-bike tour in the nature leading to the Grova vineyard, to enjoy locally harvested wines with local cheese platters.

Ölüdeniz with Paragliding

Once known as the ancient city of "Telmessos" We fly you over the most translucent sea and land at the foothills of Mount Babadag, from there you will be driven up, thru the beautiful slopes of this magical mountain to the Paragliding Launch site to soak up sweepingviews of the Blue Lagoon.


Fly to one of Bodrum's benchmark golf courses,vnestled in a beautifully tranquil bushland environment, the Golf course is one of Turkey's finest. With 18 holes, the pa 72 course, is the perfect place to start your day with friends getting your swing right. We will take care of all the details, getting your clubs there and setting you up.